Listen To Your Clients’ Needs

Here’s another tip from one of the Massage Marketing Tips subscribers…

One of the biggest “turn-offs” I’ve found is the practitioner not listening to my responses during the intake interview.

New to the business, I’ve been trying a variety of practitioners over the past few months – checking out different styles, as well as for my own body’s benefit – and I’m surprised that about 50% of the time I don’t have my clearly stated desires addressed. I’d never rebook an appointment with them.

What I take away from this, and have had reflected back to me from my clients, is that if the practitioner truly listens to what the client is saying (both verbally and non-verbally) and takes that into consideration for the session, the chances of retaining that client over time dramatically increases.

This may seem like a “no-brainer”, but like I said I was amazed at how often my requests were not even heeded. Take the time to listen to your client. It will be well worth it for both of you.

Generously contributed by: Amy Pattee Colvin, Seattle, WA

This massage business tip originally appeared in the 260 Tips to Build Your Massage Business e-course at BodyworkBiz.