Bookmarks: The Better Business Cards?

Here’s another tip from one of the Massage Marketing Tips subscribers…

Of course I have the usual business card. But I also have an expanded business card of sorts, which also doubles as a bookmark. Actually, I have 4 of them, which cut out nicely from a standard 8.5×11 sheet of paper.

On these, I show photos featuring different aspects of massage: De-stressing, Pain Relieving, Revitalizing and one for Thai Massage. I offer a few sentences about each, along with a book recommendation. Also, there’s contact information and a small headshot of myself.

I’ve placed these at local bookstores, the New Age bookstore, health food stores, etc. So, prospective new clients get more than the usual business card. The bookmarks have the potential for keeping my name and the idea of massage therapy a little more visible to them than a card would.

I also use the bookmarks as envelope stuffers when mailing things to clients, and enclose them in gift certificate packages, especially if the recipient is new to massage. Lately, I mostly have used them as a little giveaway reminder for my clients. They appreciate it and can make use of the bookmarks. A client or two have even copied the idea for their own businesses.

I got four phone calls as a direct result of the bookmarks, and those people all picked up the bookmarks at the same location. So I got some valuable information about the location of potential clients.

Interestingly, all four people wanted to book Thai massage sessions; I mean, they were ready to book immediately! No one called referring to the pain relief, relaxation or sports massages mentioned on the other three bookmarks. So I got some valuable feedback on what people wanted and that feedback surprised me!

Generously contributed by: Paul Rybarczyk, LMT

This massage business tip originally appeared in the 260 Tips to Build Your Massage Business e-course at BodyworkBiz.