Birthday Gift Certificates

Here’s another tip from one of the Massage Marketing Tips subscribers…

When a new client comes for the first session, I have them complete a health in-take form. On that form is place where the client records his/her birth date. I keep a notebook organized chronologically according to clients’ birthdays. When a new client comes to me, I record his/her birthday.

I then mail out a birthday card close to their birthday. In that birthday card is a gift certificate for a free 30-minute massage session, which can be upgraded if the client so chooses. I include a note in the certificate that explains that they can use the gift certificate themselves, or they can pass it on to someone they care to reward or pamper.

When a client calls to redeem the 30-minute gift certificate I ask them if they would like to upgrade the session for a 45-minute session or a full hour session. Upgrading from 30 minutes to 45 minutes is a $10.00 charge and upgrading to a full hour is a $20 charge.

Out of the new clients that get the birthday gift certificate, approximately 30 to 40% return to me to redeem it. About 75 to 80% who return choose to upgrade their certificate, and in most cases the choice is to upgrade to a full hour session. Once a client becomes an established client I send a $10 discount coupon to them with their birthday and also a $10 discount coupon with a Christmas card during the holiday season.

I have found that these gift certificates help to either bring in new clients and keep clients returning for massage therapy. It’s a simple thing to do, but it does work!!

Generously contributed by: Ken R Page, LMT, Spartanburg, SC

This massage business tip originally appeared in the 260 Tips to Build Your Massage Business e-course at BodyworkBiz.