An update on Video Marketing Webinar

I’m keeping the video marketing webinar replay available for a couple more days. You can find the link to it on my blog which you’ll find here:

Video marketing webinar replay

You’ll also find links to a dozen or more online resources, many free or low cost, to help you get found on the top of Google using this strategy.

Here’s an interesting update…

Since I did the webinar last week, things have got even better for Concord Massage Therapist, Lisa Wisen. One of the videos that I uploaded as part of this demonstration was ranked in the number one spot in Google.

Yesterday, I did a search for “massage concord” and I see that two instances of the video are now appearing as thumbnails on the first page of Google. That’s fantastic!

It now looks like this…

These are some of the most clicked links on a search results page and Lisa will definitely benefit from that exposure.

If you want to get found on the first page of Google using short, easy to make videos, watch the webinar replay now.

Another free resource…

How Do I Get My Local Business Website Found By LOCAL Customers?

Google wants to help you get found in search results. That’s why they’ve created the GOOGLE LOCAL portion of their search marketing business and are investing heavily into the local search market.

You can get local visitors to your site, but that you can dominate your local competition in the search engines. I’ve given shared various strategies with you in the past regarding this and the video marketing approach is a powerful one.

David Frey who hosted the Referral Masters Telesummit earlier this year is doing another telesummit on web marketing and he has as a guest a local search marketing expert named Brian Combs who will be sharing his strategies such as:

* How you can dominate your local search engine traffic with 3 simple tweaks to your website
* The key factors to getting your listing on Google Local
* A tried-and-true strategy to getting your business in front of your local consumers overnight

This is basic stuff for me, but it may be very eye-opening for you. You can listen to the broadcast for free today only: “How Local Businesses Can Dominate Their Local Web Listings And Be Found By Their Most Wanted Clients Through Simple But Extremely Powerful Search Engine Optimization Tactics”

Register at…