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It’s Eric Brown here. You may know me as a massage marketing expert, but I’ve taught well over 1,000 massage therapists in techniques classes in comprehensive 2,200-hour college massage programs throughout Ontario, Canada.

I’ve researched and prepared, not a marketing report, but a techniques book!

It’s a special guide to Pregnancy Massage.

And you can have it for FREE.

The BodyworkBiz Guide to Pregnancy Massage is a concise, but comprehensive reference guide for any massage professional who plans to work with pregnant clients whether it’s during pregnancy, labor or in the immediate postpartum period.

Although it was written with the massage therapist in mind, it’s easy-to-read style makes it an indispensable resource for moms-to-be, nurses, doctors, and other health care providers.

The book outlines the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy through it’s various stages, safety precautions for massage, and guidelines regarding how massage can best address common discomforts through pregnancy from morning sickness and stretch marks, to back pain and swelling. Guidelines for the use of exercise and hydrotherapy are also provided. In addition…

  1. The book is thoroughly researched with over 90 citations and bibliographic references from research literature.
  2. A dozen illustrations provide a useful visual quick reference for readers.

In this book, you’ll learn

  • How massage can best be used to help a new mother through pregnancy
  • How to help with constipation when abdominal massage is largely contraindicated
  • Why massage is a powerful non-drug alternative to many common discomforts
  • The role of stress in morning sickness and what research says about the effectiveness of massage as a treatment
  • How to tell the difference between normal and abnormal skin changes during pregnancy
  • Why massage is a powerful non-drug alternative to many common discomforts
  • The role of stress in morning sickness and what research says about the effectiveness of massage as a treatment
  • The truth about the ability of massage to help prevent stretch marks
  • Why you need to be concerned about the woman’s blood pressure
  • Simple self-care massage and activities you can teach a woman to prepare her breasts for feeding
  • What conditions are considered high-risk and should be red-flagged for massage
  • Exercise do’s and don’ts that every pregnant woman should be aware of
  • Simple hydrotherapy treatments you can do in the office or give your client for self-care
  • The dramatic effects stress can have on birth outcomes for mother and baby and why it is absolutely essential to manage your stress
  • What to expect during labor and delivery
  • How to best support the woman through the birth process using massage
  • Keeping the dad involved throughout labor
  • The best positions for counter-pressure
  • How a simple massage technique can help the uterus return to a normal size more quickly
  • Ways to position the woman for her massage for maximum comfort
  • You’ll be prepared to deal with the issues that arise as you work with your pregnant clients and you’ll have useful information and guidelines that you can pass onto them so they can facilitate the process and have a healthy, stress-free pregnancy.

    How much does it cost?

    This ebook is being sold on other sites online right now. It could likely be priced at $19 or $29 on this site, but…

    …it’s my gift to you.

    What’s the catch? It’s simple really. I’m going to be releasing some major new resources over the next couple of months through BodyworkBiz and I want as many massage therapists as possible to know about these.

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    Eric Brown, Grand Massage Poobah

    PS This is a comprehensive 53 page guide with pictures and illustrations created specifically for the book.